France Schengen Visas

We can get you a France Schengen Visa within 4 days. Your

appointment for a slot within 48 hours + The processing time

is 2/3 working days.

Please note that for nationals of the following countries, the visa

takes 3 weeks to process : Azerbeidjan, Afganistan, Algeria, Bangladesh, Democratic Republic of Congo, Democratic People's Republic Korea, Egypt, Ethiopie, Iraq, Islamic Republic of Iran, Jordan, Kenya, Kirghizstan, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco (3 days), Mauritania, Nigeria, Pakistan, Palestine, Republic of Chad, Rwanda, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, Sri Lanka, Sudan, Syrian Arab Republic, Tunisia (3 days), Tadjikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Vietnam, Yemen.


***The French Embassy no longer offers a discount to Spouses of British or EU citizens applying for a French Schengen Visa unless they are travelling with their spouse. Any applicant not travelling with their spouse will also be required to provide all relevant travel and accommodation details in the applicants name***

You are now required to do your Biometrics for a France Schengen visa. The French Embassy has outsourced this function to TLS Contact based in Kensington Olympia.

Why Use Nexus?

  • Nexus Visas is an Accredited Agent with TLS Contact for France Schengen Visas.

  • We have access to appointments within 48 hours – on-line!

  • We make your Appointment for a France Schengen Visa, send you a Confirmation + Application Pack+ Documents Checklist.

  • You complete the Application and send it back to us, with supporting documents.

  • We thoroughly check all your documents. Copy them and prepare them in the correct order for submission to the Embassy.

  • On the day of the Appointment we go in at 8am to submit your Application (you don’t go with us)

  • Once the Application has been authorised, we pay for it and text you confirmation.

  • Later on that day, between 2:30pm and 3:30pm you go in to TLS to do your Biometrics for your France Schengen Visa.

  • Because we have already submitted your documents, you will not have to queue  and your Biometrics should be done in under 6 minutes!

  • Two days later we go back to collect your Passport + Visa and return it to you.

You are kept updated on the progress of your visa application by text message to your mobile.

Let Nexus save you time and money..

  • You don’t have to wait for a Call Centre to answer!

  • You don’t have to stand in the queue (in cold weather!)

  • You don’t have to spend 2-3 hours going through the process!

  • You don’t have to go back to collect your Passport !

  • You don’t lose money for incomplete or incorrect documents!

  • We can get your visa in 4 days! (see notes above regarding processing times for certain nationalities.)

If you do it yourself!

This entire procedure could take you more than 3 hours! Plus another trip back to collect your visa !!

  • Their call centre is extremely busy and you could be on the phone for around 15-20 minutes to make an appointment.

  • They schedule appointments every half an hour – but they book around 50 people per slot. This means that even though you have a fixed appointment, you could still be in a queue with 49 other people for the same time slot!

So you have to get there a bit earlier than your appointment time. Once you get there you will be in a queue for around 25 minutes or more.

Once you get in you go through a number of processes i.e.


  • A security check,

  • Next you go to the Welcome Desk where they run a quick check on your passport and application form.

  • Then you go to the waiting area, where you wait your turn to submit your documents to a customer service representative.

  • The customer service representative then checks all your documents thoroughly.

  • Next you go to pay for your application – where once again you may have to queue.

  • Then you wait in another queue to do your Biometrics.

  • Two days later you go back to TLS to once again queue up to get your passport and visa back.

The entire process could take 2-3 hours!!

What do I do Next ????

To start the process, simply click on the link below. Complete our on-line booking request, click on submit to return the form to us..



Once the Appointment is made we will send you an email with an Appointment Confirmation + Application Pack + Document Checklist.

Nexus Visa Specialist

Prima Rosa

High Drive

New Malden



Tel: +442035987413

Mark: +447912124119


Visa Application Fees


1. Visa fees


The full amount due must be paid direct to Nexus Visas at least 2 days before your visa appointment date. On the day of the appointment Nexus Visas will pay the Consulate Fee and all the relevant fees direct to TLS Contact.


Please note: Payment of the visa fee and the service fee does not guarantee that a visa will be granted. The visa fee and the service fee are both non-refundable and non-transferable if the visa application is denied by the Consulate-General or if you decide to terminate/withdraw your application.





  • All fees due to the France Consulate and TLS, are calculated in Euros.

  • The France Consulate and TLS Fee may change as a result of currency fluctuation between GPB and Euro

  • The total visa fee is only calculated in GPB and is collectible in GBP.                                                                              

  • The Nexus Visa Fee will always be adjusted to meet these changes, however, the Total Fee Payable will always be   as advertised above.

Airport Transit Visas

Not everyone requires an Airport Transit Visa (ATV) Click the button below to check if you need to apply for a Airport Transit Visa.

Multiple Entry & Validity of Visas

1. Please note that a multiple entry visa is issued at the DISCRETION of the Embassy. Even if you have requested a multiple entry visa on your application it is by no means guaranteed that you will get one.
2. The validity (length) period is also at the discretion of the Embassy.
3. Once the Embassy have made their decision we will not enter into any discussion or correspondence over these two issues.