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Below is information regarding British Citizenship. Please give us a call to see if we can assist you.

Tel: 0203 598 7413


Register a child as British

There are a few ways that a child can be Registered as a British Citizen using the MN1 Route.   Becoming a British Citizen is a significant life event which leads to your child being able to apply for a British Passport. 

It is important to a child's identiy and sense of belonging and we identify with this very important journey in your child's life. 

The MN1 Form is for children who are U18 years of age who qualify as British Citizens through birth or adoption. 

It is also for children who were born in the UK before their parents were Settled in the UK, and they have have the opportunity to be Registered as British Citizens.   For most MN1 Applications, the documents required are quite extensive.  

Nexus Visas have delt with and handled a great number of MN1 Applications and our expert Advisors are on hand to guide you through the steps to ensure a positive outcome for your child. 


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